Divorce Rate Up in 2021, Depending on Economics

Family attorneys across the nation are experiencing one of their busiest times of the year as couples act on New Year’s resolutions to end relationships after stressful holiday periods and lingering pandemic-related isolation. A sharp rise in divorces this year follows steep decreases seen in the number of Americans getting married and divorced during the first year of the pandemic. Marriage and divorce rates locally also saw significant decreases from 2019 to 2020.

January is often referred to as “the divorce month” among family attorneys, because divorce filings in the U.S. typically surge at the start of each new year. In fact, the number of filings increases by an average of one-third during January each year, according to the AAML. Lawrence Datz, a partner at Datz & Datz, P.A., with more than 30 years of family law experience, appeared live Jan. 9 on WJXT’s The Morning Show to discuss the uptick in divorce rates, current trends and tips on making the divorce process easier for both sides and minimizing trauma for children involved.

See Lawrence Datz’s interview here.