Continuing On A Century-Old Family Law Legacy

Jacksonville, FL (Oct. 8, 2021) -- Lawrence Datz’s name seldom appears atop the list for those seeking cut-throat divorce attorneys in our area. But ask local family attorneys who they recommend and Datz’s name is certain to come up. The soft-spoken, intellectual dean of First Coast family attorneys prides himself more on his ability to help create amicable divorce settlements than in sticking it to opposing parties. Datz is part of a Northeast Florida legal family legacy dating back more than a century, and he’s played a leadership role in the evolution of family law in our state during the last four decades, according to fellow local family law attorneys like Elliot Zisser. “Like his father Albert, Lawrence has a reputation for integrity, honest advocacy and professionalism of the highest level,” Zisser said. “If he tells you something is the law, you don’t have to question it. You know he’s done the research and come prepared. He’s a lawyer who knows how to separate the business part of our work from personal relationships… He’s all about vigorous but respectful, honest advocacy.” Read the new Attorney at Law Magazine feature article about Lawrence Datz online here.