Practice Areas

Family Law

The firm’s cases often involve complex family law issues such as division of assets including homes, real estate, retirement benefits, brokerage accounts, stock options, business interests and professional practices. Our vast experience in the area of family law includes the following legal areas:

  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Divorce or dissolution of marriage
  • Post-divorce or post-dissolution
  • Paternity
  • Alimony
  • Child custody and visitation issues

Divorce Law

Datz & Datz has been named by leading peer review and legal rating agencies as well as statewide publications as among Florida’s best divorce law attorney firms. We take a rational, objective approach to family law cases, protecting and promoting the client’s best interests. With 80 years of experience in family law, our lawyers streamline the process and temper the emotional aspects that arise, making it easier on everyone involved in the unfortunate experience of a divorce law case. We handle both simple and complex dissolution of marriage actions, involving issues related to:

  • Division of assets and liabilities
  • Alimony or spousal support
  • Child support
  • Parenting plans and time-sharing schedules
  • Other children and family law issues
  • Attorney fees

Business Disputes

In addition to our focus on family law issues, Datz & Datz has a strong and successful record of managing for our clients’ business law issues and business disputes relating to:

  • Business contracts
  • Business law disagreements between partners or stockholders
  • Business owners
  • Customers and suppliers
  • Business torts such as defamation
  • Interference with advantageous business relationships
  • Fraud

Personal Injury

While it is not part of our primary practice focus, Datz & Datz has also successfully handled select personal injury law cases concerning issues such as:

  • Automobile accidents
  • Wrongful death
  • Slip and fall cases
  • Other types of negligence cases